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The fact of giving tips and the amounts of these are common questions among sporadic casino players and among those who are used to online gambling but are not common in live casino games, mainly because it is common to see how other users they offer on many occasions, mainly when winning a jackpot. These doubts have invited us to write a specific article on casino tips so that our users know a little better the details that surround them, although the first thing to know is that each casino is a different world, in addition to the fact that the location of this can be very important when tipping.

In most casinos it is common to see casino-online-guide.com players tipping dealers and waiters, especially when winning, but what is normal in relation to tips. The first clarification in terms of tips that casino players must have is that the delivery of tips is usually conditioned by the culture where the casino is located, and both the amounts and the very fact of offering tips to the employees of the casino can vary considerably. Casino. It is not the same to visit any casino than to play in the best known ones or even in the issue of tips is similar in casinos.

As a general rule according to our information in none in casinos there is no obligation to offer tips to employees, even if it is not done, the player would not have any inconvenience in the treatment received, being this cordial and respectful at all times. The rest of tips are usually well regarded and are common for people in the sector both players and employees, but the casino user is free to make these extra payments or not to make them, without influence the deal from the casino minimally.

While this is what happens in the situation in other continents and countries, mainly in the world-famous casinos, is a little different because, although tips in most cases are optional, they are. Culture and routine practically force to leave this little help to the staff. As an example the serve, where it is not really obligatory to give tips, but where not to do so it would be really strange to tip the dealers, mainly when a bet or spin is won, as well as the waiters when they bring the drink mainly in casinos where there are free drinks.

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