Slot Tips

Upon a mere glance, slots are games of PURE luck/chance, while I will agree on this- if “pure” is taken loosely, I will not go so far and say it is all 100 percent luck. Actually, the focal principle outside luck considerations is simple enough. Knowing when to start, knowing when to play, and knowing when to stop. Sounds sophomoric- well, let me just say this, that I’ve been utilizing this mindset for so long now, and while I am not a millionaire yet, my (minor yet consistent) wins far outnumber the typical slots buff. (No bragging intended, I just need to say this). One rule which you may have totally disregarded in pursuit of the Big Money: the fun factor. Stick to the kind of machine or your favorite game, whatever makes you happy, err…let’s change it to entertain;

If you are entertained, a 100$ loss over a 2-hour straight play could be true bliss. Believe me, I know of people who won anything from 10 grand to half a million, yet you would not see a smile on their faces after the win. Why so: they were after the 5M dollar Plum, and they have lost perspective. Speaking of playing online for long periods of time, it’s easy to fall into the trap when you are participating in the latest online gaming craze. I’m naturally talking about Private Online Slot Tournaments, the ones where you play online slots against other slot lovers from around the world.

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