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Slot Machine Terms

Learn or refresh your memory of specific terms and concepts used when playing slot machines. Check the meaning of these terms in our term database.

3-Reel – slot machine with three reels. They usually have three rolls and three lines.

5-Reel – A slot machine with five reels. These are usually video slot machines with 3 or 4 lines.


All Ways – A slot machine with a large number of paylines that payout winnings in both directions, ie from left to right and from right to left.

Autospin – A feature that allows players to set the number of turns to make without requiring him/her to rotate each turn manually.

AWP Amusement With Prizes – a classic old-time slot machine with fruit symbols.


But (Bet) – determines the amount of money a player bets on one slot machine spin.

Bonus Round – A special feature that allows players to win money in excess of their classic payout. It is usually free of charge or extra cash.

Branded Slots – Slot machines licensed for specific topics, such as movies, TV shows, or celebrities.


Cascading Reels – A feature on some slot machines that replaces winning symbols with other symbols. This allows you to create a new winning combination in sequence, ie as a cascade in one spin.

Classic – Classic slot machines, most often with three reels and only a few paylines, without bonuses and other special features.

Coin Size – The value of the current bet.

Coins – player’s coins.

Cold Slot – A slang term for slot machines that have not recently made any winnings (or only small winnings).


Drops – A feature of individual online slot machines where, instead of spinning the reels, the symbols fall on the appropriate lines.


Feature – A special feature of a particular slot machine, such as bonus rounds.

Freeplay / Free-to-play – The casino allows players to try and learn about slot machines and how they work for free. Of course, winnings from free games are not paid out.

Free Spins – Free spins. The type of bonus you get from a certain combination of symbols.

Fruit Machine – A popular, classic slot machine with fruit symbols.


Gamble – a feature that allows you to double your winnings in one round.


Hot Slot – The name of the slang for slot machines that often pay out winnings or payout big winnings. Their current RTP (last hour, day) is well above average.


Icons – Symbols and images on slot machine reels.


Jackpot – the highest possible win in a slot machine. It can be either fixed or incremental as the games are played until someone wins the jackpot.


Lines – Winning lines in the slot machine.


Maximum Bet – Advanced slots have a maximum bet button that will immediately set your bet to the maximum allowed value.

Multi-line – this is the standard today. This applies to slot machines with more than one payline.

Multi-way – A slot machine that offers several ways to get a winning combination.

Multiplier – a special additional feature that can multiply your winnings by a fixed number.


Nudge – A special bonus that allows players to “roll” the reels up or down.


One-armed Bandit – a legendary slot machine; its rolls are cut using the lever on the side of the machine.

Online Slot – A slot machine that can be played online.


Payline – A payline that consists of symbols that guarantee a certain payout.

Payout – The amount of money paid out by the slot machine after the payline has been obtained.

Paytable – A table listing the rules, bonuses and winnings for individual winning combinations.

Penny Slots – A slang term for slot machines that allows very low stakes.

Pick Me – A bonus round in which a player selects one of several symbols, with each symbol having a certain value or additional bonus.

Progressive Jackpot – A progressive jackpot . The slot machine adds a certain amount of money to the jackpot from each bet. The jackpot can be local or shared between multiple slot machines on a network.


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