Roulette in All Popular Online Casinos

Today there are more cases, where the casino also asks the player to become a follower on one of the social networks or answer a quality survey to make the bonus effective. Simply put, bonuses are money that the casino awards to users as a tool to attract more players to gamble and have fun on its website. Novice players often think that the game of roulette is difficult to understand. However, it is a very easy and fun game. If you want to get started in the king of games of chance, these are the rules you have to follow.

In this phase, players can still place their bets as soon as the dealer announces no more bets, no player bets are allowed anymore. The next step occurs when the ball lands on the roulette wheel. If there is a winner who has bet on the number or color the ball has landed on, they receive the prize for their bet. French roulette is considered the queen of casino games. French roulette has the numbers 0 to 36, is run by three dealers and has the in prison rule, whereby if the number zero is rolled, half of the single bets are returned to the players.

European roulette has the numbers from 0 to 36 and is run by a single dealer. In this type of roulette there is no in prison rule, typical of french roulette. American roulette has two additional boxes, 0 and double 0, in addition to the boxes with the numbers 1 to 36. This roulette is run by a single dealer and the in prison rule does not work here either. The main strategies of the game of roulette are the following this is the most popular roulette strategy and the one most used by professional players.

So the moment you win the lost money is recovered and you start betting again with the first amount. The system works basically the other way around: progressions are made after winning a bet, so the player doubles the bet after winning. This strategy provides the opportunity to win big without placing too high stakes. The game begins with the players placing their bets. The dealer throws a ball onto the spinning roulette table. This roulette has fewer betting options than the other types. The concept is quite simple it is about increasing the bets after each loss.

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