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Roulette is an ancient game with roots dating back to the 17th century, when it was invented by a man named mistake. It is also one of our most popular casino games – and it is not very difficult to understand why. With a real entertainment value, where both those who like to bet on safe games, as well as those who are a little more daring, are satisfied in the same game round, roulette casino appeals to several different types of players. Today we are going to go through everything you could possibly want to know about roulette – everything from how you actually play it – to a top list of which are the best casinos for roulette online.

How to play roulette, and above all games-blackjack.com how to win at roulette a basic step to profit, of course, is to keep track of the rules. The rules of roulette may seem a bit sophisticated at first glance – but they are actually very easy to understand. A roulette wheel looks slightly different depending on whether you play roulette. In roulette, the wheel has 37 pockets, as the wheel has only one zero which is the house number. The pockets are numbered from 0-36. In roulette you will instead find two zeros, and thus the game board for roulette has 38 pockets.

Which just like in roulette are numbered from 0-36. The online casino game plan for roulette allows you to make a variety of bets. For example, you can bet on red or black, odd or even numbers – you can bet on a specific number, or a specific group of numbers, row or column. The more specific your bet is – the more you win if your bet pays off.do you also want to be able to play roulette and look such a wonderful world habit on your next casino visit? In that case, just read on – because here we give you today the ultimate guide to roulette. If the dealer gets a roulette, you lose your bet but also win half.

That is, the bets that are played within the number field on the playing field. Simple roulette is when you play on a single number. If the ball lands on your chosen number on the roulette wheel, you win 35 times your bet. Double roulette is when you play on two numbers that are next to each other on the board. This is done by placing your chips on the line that separates the numbers. If the ball lands on one of your numbers – you win 17 times the bet. Triple roulette is when you play on 3 numbers that are on the same line. You do this by placing your chips at the far end of the edge at the line you want to bet on.

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