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Poker is one of the most popular casino card games. It is well known to casino visitors all over the world, but what is the current legal situation of poker in casino game. Is it possible to play poker in casinos or other gaming centers, or is poker allowed under certain conditions regardless of who organizes it. Is online poker legal and if so, on what terms do i have to pay taxes on this card game what are the penalties for participating in illegal poker. At the outset, it is necessary to determine what legal provisions regulate the possibility of playing poker in our country.

It defines poker as one of the bigeastcasino.com card casino games in so far as the players are trying to win money or prizes in kind. The changes entered into force for organizing poker via the internet, and the implementation of this task has been entrusted to which is a company of the state treasury. And yes, the only legal online casino is run all other websites that offer online poker casino are illegal. By using their services, we risk high financial penalties. The player’s administrative penalty may be 100% of winnings without deducting the stakes deposited.

The court may impose an additional fine, the maximum amount of which is 120 daily rates, so the highest possible fine is over million. On the other hand, not indifferent to the constantly multiplying websites organizing illegal poker casino has a specialized unit at the customs and tax office, which deals with their ongoing monitoring and reporting to the so-called registry of forbidden domains. The casino act requires telecommunications companies to block websites listed in the register within 48 hours of qualifying them as illegal.

Ordering payment providers to terminate their cooperation within 30 days. Thus, illegal online poker in casino, as well as playing games in an illegal online casino in general, are very difficult. It is also worth adding that poker, like all other casino games, is allowed only for people over 18 years of age. Therefore, legal poker via the internet is possible only after creating an individual account on the website , sending the required personal data and a photocopy of the identity document. Such solutions are to protect players from the risk of addiction to casino, in particular to protect minors who are extremely vulnerable to the negative effects of casino, including poker.

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