In micro gaming released a new poker-based online casino card game that is very unusual. The game belongs to the gold series of micro gaming games and is called triple action hold’em bonus poker gold. What makes this game unusual is that it was played with only one deck of 28 cards. There are no cards in decks on rank seven or lower. The deck has only eight, niches, tens, jackets, queens, kings and aces. Flop side payouts are determined only on the three community cards. As in the case of the bonus game, this payout is independent of the outcome of the main game and regardless of whether the player is folded or played. However, the player must bet on the flop side.

The game begins as a normal poker game with the player placing the ante bet. At the same time, the player can place optional bets for the bonus game and for the flop side bet. The player is dealt two cards face up. The three community cards are dealt face down. One of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up and the other card is dealt face down. The player must now make the decisive decision. Should he play or should he go to bed. If the player folds, he loses the ante bet. However, the remaining cards are exposed as usual as the bonus game and flop side play out even if the player folds. If the player decides to play, a bet bet, equal to the ante bet, is automatically recorded. The cards face down are then exposed.

This game is known as triple action because three games are played independently. In the main game, if the dealer does not have a pair or more, he does not qualify. In that case, the player is evenly paid money on the ante bet and the bet is pressed. If the dealer qualifies, the payouts are as follows. If the player’s hand is ranked higher, both bets also pay money. If the player’s hand is lower ranked, both bets lose. If both hands are tied, both bets press. The main games also have an ante bonus. This bonus is eligible for payout if the player is not folded. It does not matter if the dealer qualifies or not. The bonus payouts are determined on the player’s five short hands. This payout is independent of the outcome of the main game and independent of whether the player folds or plays.

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