Play for the Big Money in online slot tournaments

Everything in this world has a behavioral pattern, even machines. For example, printers will inevitably jam or run out of ink at the time when your printing project is already well past the deadline. In that same way, slot machines in online casino will inevitably behave in one manner, even the progressive ones. Yes, even progressive jackpots have behavioral patterns.

Not quite the patterns as you might picture them, of course. No true slot machine ever has an actual pattern that can be exploited by a cunning, savvy player. However, there are some consistencies with how the machines work and how they’re designed that can be turned in the favor of someone who’s just trying to make a quick buck. For starters, stand-alone jackpot units that possess a progressive jackpot are universally easier to win at than a networked progressive.

You see, the bigger the jackpot, the lower the machine’s hit frequency. In the same manner, a progressive slot hooked up to a network within the casino has a higher hit frequency than one that’s hooked up to a network on the state or national level. As such, the odds are better in the smaller progressive machines if winning is your goal. However, if you’re really after the big payout and you do not mind sinking a lot of money just to get it, then a large-scale progressive network is the slots for you.

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