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How To Bet On Online Roulette With Real Money?

Knowing the different versions of online roulette with real money, you will surely wonder about the bets. This is one of the most exciting casino games and for many reasons. But one of them, and perhaps the determining one, is the wide variety of predictions that can be made. We will be developing these later and they are divided into two fundamental types:

Inside bets:

 Pleno: in these bets, you have to choose a single number from the wheel. The profits obtained will be 35 to 1, they are considered the largest in the game.

Horse: This is a way of betting where you can pick up to two consecutive numbers from the board.

Transversal: also called streets, it is about choosing three numbers in a row.

Corner: in this type of bet you will be able to choose up to four numbers from the board.

Six: One of the inside bets that carries the most numbers available. You have up to six choices of boxes, which must be close.

Outside bets:

Odd/Even: These are the evenest bets with the highest odds. You have to choose one of the two types of numbers that can come out.

Red/black: considered one of the easiest, you just have to choose the color that you think will come out.

Low/High: choose if the number that will be drawn will be located in the first 18 or in the last 18.

Dozens: you can choose if the result will be among the first, second or third dozen on the board.

Columns: consists of selecting a column of 12 random numbers.

Play real money live online roulette

You already know that many of the casino games have been adapted to online versions. This has been able to lead to changes in them, especially taking into account that the human factor is eliminated. Something that they have wanted to recover to offer attractive modalities to their users.

All this has led to the creation of a modality that gains more support every day. This is a live version that seeks to improve the punters’ experience. The one that is achieved by recording a dealer in real-time in a room and transmitting this via streaming. In addition, you can interact with him, as well as be able to talk with other players.

Nowadays, almost any game can be obtained in its live version. However, live online roulette is one of the favorites. Since it has many novelties. In this case, you will have the croupier who will launch the ball. In addition to that, you will be able to contact him and he will answer any questions you have throughout the game.

So live real money roulette gives you another way to play. Keeping the same rules and types of bets. But in this case improving the environment, including many typical casino sounds.

By playing the live version of the online roulette for real money you will have a very good advantage. This is the improvement of the bets and therefore of the possible profits.


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