Online Poker Advantages

There was a time that poker could only be played in a real-life casino, when there was no access to online poker. However, today, casinos are old phenomena. Playing poker online is given more preference than going to crowded and noisy casinos. Casino poker is on a decline since online poker is providing a lot of benefits.

Casino Poker vs. Online Poker

While playing poker in a casino, you are restricted to one table. Online poker allows you the freedom of playing more than one table. Casino poker rooms often poses the problem of finding a table; this is not the case with online poker. You can select a table and a game of your own choice. Also, the more hand you play, the higher up the hourly rate goes. If you are uncomfortable revealing your identity, you can even play as anonymous. In online poker, every 15 minutes, there is a tournament running; such tournaments are hard to resist.

Rake in Poker Online

The rake for online poker is lesser than casino poker. In live poker the rake may be more the $5 and the whole table can be charged at an hourly rate. Online poker games have rake of $3. The dealers are actually online casino software; they are perfect at shuffling cards instantly, and way better than dealers found in a live game. Playing poker online also provides you with opportunity to follow your liking and choose backgrounds, avatars, sound effects, animations and table layouts that you love.

In online poker, you can tag people with notes, which is obviously impossible in live poker without being punched in your face. You do not need to tip the dealer in online poker that you frequently do in casino poker. The most important advantage is that you can play poker online whenever and wherever you would like to, without even getting out of your bed or driving to a casino!

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