Online Keno Guide

Keno is a lottery-based game that traditionally is comprised of a ticket with numbers from 1 to 80. Players select 20 numbers and mark them on their keno playing ticket. After they make their bet 20 numbers are randomly drawn and make up the winning keno numbers for that round of play. Players win according to how many of the numbers they have hit from the numbers drawn. Each casino like offers its own paytables that state the payouts depending on how many numbers the player has hit. The game of Keno originates from ancient China, although we do not have information on exactly when it was created. There are legends that tell it predates the Great Chinese Wall and was actually used to help finance its build.

Others claim it exists for over 3000 years, making it one of the oldest games in the modern world. Some historians date it back to 200 B.C. to the great Han Dynasty. The word Keno itself comes from the Latin or French word for five and refers to five winning numbers. It is a mystery how the game eventually got its Latin name as the game travelled to America in the 19th century with the wave of Chinese immigrants. In the United States the game developed into its current form, dropping the 120 Chinese characters and switching to use 80 numbers. When gambling was legalized in the US it didn’t include lottery based games so Keno was renamed as “Race Horse Keno” to give the impression it had something to do with racing. When the US government started taxing profits from racing, they renamed it Keno again and continued playing.

How to Play Keno

Playing keno is not complicated and the rules and strategy are very simple. This is the reason the game has maintained such great popularity through the generations. Anyone can play keno and have fun and excitement waiting for their winning numbers to be drawn. When playing keno online the rules vary between the different online casinos, however the principles of the game stay the same. Players need to select numbers on their keno card. You can select just one number or the max numbers you are allowed to select. Then you select your wager and the higher the wager; the higher the payout as with all online casino games.

Once you are done selecting your numbers and wager amount the online casino software, using its random numbers generator, will select numbers at random and mark which of the numbers you have selected have been hit (match the numbers called by the casino). The more of your selected numbers are hit, the more you will win. You can also select to play the same numbers for several rounds of play. In most online casinos you have the option to select in how many rounds you want your numbers to play at or choose new numbers with each round. In some online casino you need to hit at least 3 numbers before you qualify for any payout and in others the minimum is 2 numbers.


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