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Gambling can be a very confusing prospect. The country has land based casinos scattered between two coasts and the rules and regulations that govern each one are based on the state level and then the federal level. That makes gambling in the United States legal, right? While people can legally gamble at a land based casino, gambling via an online casino is also legal. Some states allow people to gamble at an online casino but not withdraw their winnings while other states have banned it completely. Because of these confusing legislation, many online casinos and poker rooms have simply restricted access to their sites.

So how does legalized gambling at online casinos affect the rest of the world? It’s the rest of the world that are turning these websites into the multi-million dollar business that the online gaming community has become. That does not mean, however, that playing is willy-nilly and anything goes. On the contrary, each country has their own rules and regulations regarding online casino and poker room gaming. Players can safely game at online casinos if they also do their homework and make sure that the site they are playing on is legally licensed to operate and follows all the appropriate laws as stipulated.

Online casinos and poker rooms have actually been coming under fire from other countries besides the United States. Germany recently attempted to pass a law banning its citizens from being able to gamble online. The German government in turn came under fire from the European Council, and so the ball keeps rolling. The legality of online gaming is quickly becoming a hot topic throughout the world. Discussions have ranged from who is liable if a player is caught gambling in an area where it has been restricted, the player or the website?

And then the question of hackers and identity theft is also one that is raised as part of the legality issue. This is one of the very big reasons why legitimate, fair online casinos take the time to get licensed and invest in a software package from a company like Microgaming that ensures security. Sites that do not have these safety precautions in place leave their players personal information wide open for theft and fraud. Add to that the question of online casinos being used for money laundering schemes, it’s no wonder that many countries and governments have bills on the agenda discussing the situation.

That’s without even going into concerns over gambling addiction. At this point in time there is no country that has outright outlawed gambling on online casinos and poker rooms. Have they made it difficult for their citizens to collect on their winnings? Yes. Have certain jurisdictions places limitations and bans on playing? Yes. The best advice that can be given to anyone interested in playing on these sites is this: check with your local government and find out what the legalities of playing on the site will mean for you and then make your decision about joining.

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