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Our goal is that on this page you should be able to find and compare all odds bonuses. And that our ranking of these bonuses finally leads you in the right direction in the search for a new bonus! The gambling companies distribute a welcome bonus to all new customers. These bonuses differ depending on which betting company you create an account with. The betting sites distribute different bonus amounts, but to determine if the bonus is good, it is necessary to review the bonus requirements.

What you should look for is a low wagering requirement and minimum odds so that you have the opportunity to wager the bonus. In connection with the new betting law, betting companies may not encourage their current players with more than one odds bonus. Before betting companies could hand out odds bonuses to existing players, something that was perceived as an encouragement to play. New guidelines were also introduced in the market which means that the online casino companies have to introduce certain new tools on the site such as limits for how long you can be logged in or how big a bonus can be.

When you take part in a welcome bonus with a betting company, in the majority of cases a wagering requirement is added. This means that you must convert (play through) your bonus e.g. Number of times before you can convert your bonus money into cash. A wagering requirement is something that must be met before your bonus truly becomes yours. Before that, the bonus may be in the account, but you may not withdraw it.

The wagering requirement often depends on the type of bonus it is. For percentage bonuses on your deposit, it is usually 5-15 times the bonus amount. For free games with wagering requirements, the wagering requirements are slightly lower, often 1-3 times the free game. Some betting companies can also offer unique odds bonuses that only require you to convert your odds bonus 1 time, while odds bonuses may be added where you need to convert an amount 80 times.

A tip from us at betting is that you read through the information that the betting companies offer you when applying odds bonuses. You can also contact the betting company’s customer service to e.g. Find out what you have to wager to make a withdrawal. Most people tend to look for a welcome bonus that offers a large bonus amount, which is of course important when choosing an odds bonus, but at the same time it can also mean a larger turnover requirement.