Online Casino Main Features

Our customization tool allows licensees to modify a variety of elements of their live offerings in real time, including banners, fonts, and colors with easy-to-use controls and a drag-and-drop interface. The new platform is a self-contained, agile and flexible system that allows us to respond directly to licensees’ requests and bring an even higher standard of quality in our new and existing product development. Play online casino has developed the latest technology to offer its operators a total multi channel offer. We can adapt the product to almost any requirement.

We provide the opportunity to differentiate yourself by customizing and branding assets in the online casino gaming environment, from language to uniforms to negotiating style. Operators can choose between one or more specialized tables or a totally exclusive environment. We focus on providing the highest quality customer service directed to our partners and their players with a continuous evaluation of the performance of our employees using professional criteria. The casino dealers are trained to superior standards, a team of shufflers ensures that the card games run without interruption.

The entire operation is permanently monitored by the shift managers. All front line personnel also participate in training specifically designed to enhance their professionalism in both play casino game and communication skills. Play online casino game works closely with its licensing and regulatory bodies to deliver a first-class live casino experience every time. As part of its commitment to innovation and excellence, play online casino game constantly anticipates changes in regulations and licenses to offer new market opportunities and operate at the highest level. We like to think that we cannot be outdone by commercials and we offer competitive rates on all tools and services.

In addition to a customizable user interface, we have developed a highly versatile competitive product that offers all the essential features expected in bingo and ensures that operators have the necessary alternatives and tools to meet the needs of casino players in different markets. Our back-office tool is intuitive for both programming and analysis. It promotes user interaction through a gaming portal on both mobile and desktop, along with a fresh and easy-to-use user interface to keep games coming back. One api is all that is needed to integrate not only our bingo product, but the entire play online casino portfolio. With partners and licenses globally, we have one of the best liquidity pools on the bingo network and allow entry into key territories.

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