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It is increasingly common that you can play online casino game without registration, also called casino without an account. In that case, it’s about you tying your casino account to your personal data – rather than contact details. Previously, you had to use an email or phone number to verify yourself, but with the help of e-identification in your mobile phone or other portable device, you can confirm your identity directly. Then you only need your social security number and your e-based identification to log in.

Online casinos free registration have the great advantage that it quickly and easily gives you the chance to play casino without manual registration. You also avoid all other contacts and advertising from the casino to your inbox or via sms. Enter your social security number, confirm your identity with e-identification and start spinning the wheels in the casino just seconds later. New casinos are started on a regular basis and you who love online casinos do best to keep an eye open for newcomers to the market.

It is still a good idea to be early with a casino, because at the beginning they want to attract new customers to their site with generous bonuses and a good selection. However, remember to always compare casinos, not least when it comes to casino sites that have recently been launched. Online game always has the ambition to be one step ahead and scan the online casino market for you. In this way, we immediately notice when new players enter and compete seriously. If the new casino sites maintain a high enough standard, we will review them and finally give you as a user a recommendation of the best new casinos.

An important thing for us is that it is a casino that lives up to laws, rules and conditions. The online gambling act requires gambling companies and casinos that want to fully operate to have a license from the online casino gambling authority. It is ultimately there to protect the consumer and the players – that is, you. Therefore, as a online casino guide, we have a strong focus on licensed casinos in our guides. There are lots of different casinos game and almost all of them have their own version of bonuses. Therefore, the focus is on attracting new customers with a bonus that stands out. This has led to bonuses that can look very different depending on which casino company you intend to play with.