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Bonuses with the Blackjack game are very rare, however, there are platforms or providers who, in order to sponsor a new game (eg new slots), offer free bets. In this case, the bonus allows users to play Blackjack for free while still winning real money.

In our experience, to access this type of promotion safely, it is good to read the rules to check what the wagering requirements are.

1. Blackjack Switch

One of the funniest versions of the game, with good RTP, is Blackjack Switch online. The aforementioned version of the card game is available on all major casino sites, including those that have an ADM license.

In this variant of the software, there are two hands of cards and the players have the possibility to reverse them.

2. Double Exposure

Two decks of 52 cards are used to play Double Exposure Blackjack online.

Whoever sits at the gaming site table receives two hands of cards and can beat the dealer by scoring more than the dealer.

The dealer plays each card face up. This is an advantage for the player and, therefore, for these versions of free online Blackjack, there is no insurance.

3. Surrender

In the online Blackjack Surrender version, the player has the option to surrender immediately after receiving the first two cards and seeing the dealer’s cards (play with each card face up). This variant of the game has two sub-variants, such as Late Surrender and Early Surrender. 

4. Perfect Blackjack

Online Perfect Blackjack is the traditional version where the player challenges the dealer. To win, you need to score higher than the bank without going over 21.

Each player receives two cards, as does the dealer who, however, must have only one card face down.

The player can ask for more cards to reach the predetermined score.

5. Progressive Blackjack

Progressive online Blackjack keeps the same rules as the traditional game by changing the betting possibilities. In this variant of the game, in fact, those who sit at the tables can set a separate bet with respect to the main stake


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