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If you want to receive a welcome casino bonus with bonus money and free spins, you usually have to make a small deposit first. Regardless, you will be rewarded with a 100% bonus up to 1000 kroner or more. Then you get a lot of extra money to explore the game range with. Otherwise, it is good to keep in mind that many casinos allow you to test their games for free with play money. Then you can get acquainted with the casino’s various games without the risk of losing real money. Is it legal to play at online casinos game many people are wondering just that! The answer is that it is perfectly legal to play at online casinos.

This is as legal as playing the online casino tipping offers. The authorities are admittedly strict when it comes to gambling. Therefore, banks are not allowed to transfer money to foreign online casinos. Payments from visa to a foreign online casino will therefore be stopped. Thus, most payments will be made via an intermediary. Foreign online casinos are also not allowed to market their services. Therefore, you will not see advertisements for casinos in online newspapers and the like.

You may be surprised that you have still seen casino commercials on tv, but this is often due to various loopholes that the tv channels use. Such as that the channels are operated from abroad, and thus technically do not break any rules. At the same time, tipping can advertise its products, which can be perceived as a bit contradictory. The conclusion is that it is completely legal to play at online casinos – even if they are operated from abroad. As stated, the authorities have decided that banks cannot approve transfers to online casinos.

Payment methods players can use will usually have an intermediary between you and the online casino game. If you pay with visa at a casino, the payment will go via a third party. Thus, the payment can not be stopped by the bank. There are many payment methods players can use for deposits or withdrawals at online casinos game. Previously, online casino players could also use well-known e-wallets such as neteller and skrill, as well as prepaid cards such as paysafecard. These payment solutions are no longer open to online casino players, but as i said, there are many other good alternatives.

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