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Main Features of Video Poker

You must buy in with the smallest possible bet and leave the game when you have won 25% of the amount you bet. If you instead lose 25%, you can top up so that the original amount is reached. This is the basis of the strategy. This then continues during all of the game’s stages. Another basic thing is that you should never call before the flop. Make do with raising or folding. You should only play strong hands and these are few.

In order to succeed, it is good to know the main features of the game. It is recommended to create at least a basic overview.


It is good to know what the different buttons mean when the game round starts. Bet one, every time you click this button you increase your bet by one coin. Deal/draw or spin is the button you use to play. Hold means that you can keep / keep the card or cards that you do not want to exchange. Max bet is the button you use when you want to bet one or more coins (max five coins).


It is also important to understand everything that is represented on your display. Coins – different variations of video poker have different options regarding the size of coins. Usually it is between 0.05 and 5. Points – shows how many points you have. Bet – your bet. Pay Table – shows the payout for different winning combinations in the game you are playing. Win – shows win.

To find the best video poker bonus you have to visit different casinos to see what is on offer. Sometimes it is a percentage of the deposit and sometimes it is free spins. Find a bonus that suits you and that benefits the game you are interested in playing. Compare and find what is best for you. Different strategies suit different varieties of video poker. Keep in mind that the outcome of a game of video poker is random, but with the right strategies you can increase your chances of winning.

Short stack is a strategy that suits best if you play with a small starting capital. This strategy allows you to play in different ways. A major advantage of it is that it is easy to learn, which means that it is well suited for beginners. If you want to be successful and win, it is important that you manage your money in the right way and that you play with discipline. There is the strategy man to follow where you can see when it is worth betting.