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How to take care of plastic playing live dealer casino many care details are hidden in the details. Playing surfaces flooring on tables, chairs, what kind of floor surface. Each touch to the working surfaces leaves an imprint. Dust if the deck is already scattered on the floor, take a couple of minutes and wipe them all with a clean, soft cloth. Don’t bend your live dealer casino high-quality expensive live dealer casino are resistant to mechanical deformation, but bending still spoils the integrity of the card surface. Aggressive cleaning agents peroxide, alcohol, antiseptic, wet wipes.

The surface of the live dealer casino will be cleaned of spilled drinks, etc., but later this can lead to loosening of the corner tips of the live dealer casino, or even the entire surface. Even the highest quality live dealer casino do not last forever, and it is impossible to prevent possible collisions during the game. Developing the habit of following the above simple rules will at least increase the life of each deck of live dealer casino, which will save your budget from unnecessary costs. Want to surprise your friends with a cool poker chip trick? After all, this is quite easy to learn, and the effect is really impressive.

You can, as if in passing, deftly sort out the live dealer casino in your hand, and this will attract attention to yourself, and people will consider you a more experienced player. For this trick, you need as many live dealer casino as will fit comfortably in your hand. It is better to start with 4 and then, as skill grows, add more. So, take three live dealer casino and place them on the ring, middle, and index fingers of one hand. Use your thumb to pull the front piece towards you so that it goes around the other three and is behind the stack. The main thing in this trick is that the movements should be fast, jerky.

Then the trick will seem quite effective you can repeat this action as long as the hand does not get tired. And, believe me, you will be watched all this time. Take a stack of three live dealer casino, hold them horizontally with your thumb and forefinger. Pry the two lower live dealer casino with your little finger, and lift the upper one with your index finger. Use your middle finger to nudge the middle chip and scroll with your index finger. In the end, it must be on the other side. Of course, this scrolling is far from the first time, but it’s worth practicing. Take three tokens in the same way as for the first trick.

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