Keno Types

Who would have thought a game as old as keno could evolve into different types? I could hardly believe it myself, but it’s true. The game we all love to play has just gotten even better and better through the years. It can be remembered that keno was first played in the land of China nearly 3000 years ago. Keno has undergone various name and rule changes and now it has even managed to gain an audience in other parts of the world. As I have said, the game of keno has undergone quite a transformation through the years. From ancient Chinese characters to numbers, from ancient paper and pencil or crayon to simply clicking the numbers away, keno has ridden the waves of change and we can all feel the splash.

Keno has changed mainly because human civilizations and technology changed through the years. Keno, being one of man’s favorite pastime or even cash cow, was also changed by men to fit his ever changing and accelerating lifestyle. Today it is not uncommon to see keno being played individually in the video keno. Modern keno players have the option of just sitting at home and enjoying keno online. Who would have thought the game of keno could be played alone in front of a black box? That idea might have seemed absurd 3000 years ago but today it has become a reality.

The game of keno maybe played in three different ways. Each one offers keno players a different experience and a different level of intensity. The key is to choose the one that best suits your keno needs. Casino keno maybe considered to be one of the oldest types of keno known to mankind. It commonly consists of keno tickets found alongside brochures placed in strategic places in the casino. The good thing about casino keno is it enables the players to play keno anywhere in the casino. Casino keno players simply need to give the ticket and wait for the results even while playing another game or even drinking at the bar. It is simply a leisurely and relaxing way to try your luck in keno.

If you are into the fast-paced lifestyle and wishes to accelerate the adrenaline rush in playing keno then online keno is definitely for you. Online keno enables players to enjoy keno at the easiest and most comfortable manner possible. That is, playing without even leaving the house. Online keno enables keno players to play 30 times more games online than in casino keno. This increases the excitement in playing but keno players also increase losing their money by as much as 10 times in playing online keno. Video keno is similar to online keno but it is played inside the casino. Video keno is designed especially for those that wish to play keno alone. It offers smaller denominations for betting that is good for those that just want to enjoy but doesn’t want to spend.

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