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The competition is fierce in the online casino gaming industry and upstarts such as starting to pick up shares at a rapid pace. Netent must do something to maintain the lead they have had for many years. Then listening to your players and starting to create games with more feeling and more gaming experience is absolutely right – it’s probably the only way not to be passed over by the younger companies. A jackpot is a big win and the word progressive simply means that it grows. In online casino game, you could actually use the term growing jackpot, but it does not have the same exciting sound as the word progressive.

There are three different types of progressive jackpots:

  • Standalone progressive jackpot

    An example of a standalone jackpot is divine fortune. It is a jackpot that is built up differently on the separate game sites and although it is progressive, it is not linked to either other games or other casinos.
  • Linked progressive jackpots

    There are several different types of scatters. Some give you a cash win, others start a round of free spins and some give both. There are several examples of connected jackpots. For example, red tiger has a series of slot machines where all slots have the same jackpot. This means that if you spin, for example, golden cryptex and your friend spins arcade bomb, you are fighting for exactly the same jackpot.
  • Global progressive jackpot

    This is where the really big wins are. Everyone who plays on the selected slot machine participates in building up the jackpot, and it does not matter which online casino you play at. If someone wins the jackpot on one of those games, it is reset on all slot machines that share the jackpot. In addition, the mega moolah series is also a global progressive jackpot.

An example of a global jackpot is the hall of gods, where the top prize can grow to astronomical sums, precisely thanks to the fact that there are so many people who participate and fill it up all the time. Profits of tens of millions are not unusual to see.

No that is not true. A jackpot can grow without affecting the probability that it will be awarded. However, it is absolutely true that more people play when a progressive jackpot is large, and the more people who spin, the higher the chance that someone is lucky to win.