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The implementation of pragmatic play live casino signals an exciting new step forward in our multichannel offering that enables both land-based and online operators to successfully offer a live dealer system to their players, while also providing a live dealer experience. Completely unique game available from desktops and laptops to smartphones, tablets and virtual reality devices. Our innovative and flexible live casino system is built on a wide range of world-class features including. A newly built state-of-the-art gaming studio highly trained, experienced and professional dealers.

A range of state of the art marketing tools such as leader boards, studio promotions, first bets placed, blackjack combinations and many more, 24/7 live customer support. Responsive risk management from experts pragmatic play live casino offers the most popular live casino games through a completely realistic and exciting gaming experience that recreates the atmosphere of a land based casino while offering all the advantages of online gaming, such as quick and easy bets, statistics of detailed game play, complete betting history, animation and sound effects, and more.

Superior video quality and advanced local video transmission systems. Immersive gaming with multiple 4k quality cameras. An easy-to-use html5 interface based on extensive user behavior research. A highly localized multilingual user interface with 30 languages available. We proudly present the modern play live studio opened in with spacious facilities built from the ground up, the product we offer includes a high-quality team and innovative solutions, as well as a team of qualified dealers with great performance and the skills of a professional management team. All this adds up to more than one hundred years of experience in the gaming industry.

Using the most advanced technology available, all pragmatic play live casino games are available on both desktop and mobile devices in html5, a format and protocol designed to enhance the player experience with fast, high-quality video streaming. As well as better interactivity, multimedia, and graphics. In addition, the pragmatic play live casino system also makes use of our back-end platform leads the market, offering licensees complete control and visualization of their operations from one central location. Features include visibility and control over table ranges, game table attributes and settings, vip limits, client features, and access to our customization tools, reporting mechanism, and notification system that gives operators instant access and alerts on operations, fraud and product notifications, among others.

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