How Tips Are Delivered

In addition to the area or country where each casino is located, it is always convenient to know the particularities of the casino you visit to avoid any uncomfortable moment due to not following the usual patterns, either by excess or by default. It may seem strange, but being too generous in tips can also lead to different criticisms hidden, nobody usually tells a player what to do than other players mainly because they will be forced to think about whether to offer a higher tip and dealers because they might think you are trying to buy them would not welcome such generosity.

Before accessing the online casino tables, it is convenient to look at the access to the casino or when sitting at the tables if there is any recommendation or internal law stipulated in relation to tips in the online casino game. If there is none, something that is usually common, it is convenient to offer tips and to know the usual amounts, especially if it is the first time that you visit said casino, the best option is usually to test a player with a medium profile and that it is seen that it is a habitual player to know what is usually offered.

This option is our recommendation because if you speak with a player with a clear high profile, even if only to demonstrate his class, he will say higher tips than usual, while if you ask a group of young people attracted by the tables and tournaments of poker will even be heard that it should not be offered since that is why they have their commissions. Another option would be to ask the casino employees, but this question is really uncomfortable and will force them to suffer a really uncomfortable situation, in addition to the fact that in many casinos this is a taboo and prohibited subject for them.

So they try to avoid by all the media this question to the employees. How to give tips in a casino could also be a case study since not everyone knows how to do it, as well as if they should be done in cash or in chips. The first thing to know is that tips in the casino are not directed only to the employee to whom they are offered, but they are all accumulated and at the end of the month they are distributed depending on different ranks, jobs in the casino and other characteristics, as you can see in our casino worker tips.

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