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They make sure that the games go right and that you as a player get a fair game. They take care of all aspects of a table game from dealing cards in blackjack to rolling the ball in roulette. The purpose of a live dealer is for you as a player to get a more genuine gaming experience, and we at casino think that you get that. Can everyone become a dealer? Yes, it is possible to apply for a job as a professional dealer for live casinos. Just contact the various game manufacturers if there is interest. Just be prepared to move because there are currently no live casino studios, although we often see dealers in casinos.

Our experience of playing roulette from netent is that the sound can be perceived as a bit disturbing, but both the image quality and the professionalism of the dealer, who we also chatted with for a while, are top notch. Netent has chosen a more casino like blackjack than many other providers. What is different at netent is that we can only have up to nine players at a table at the same time.

All participants are given their own cards. With other providers, it is common for all players to receive the same cards as everyone else at the table and then choose to play the card they want.

Despite the so-so sound level, we had a really fun time at the blackjack tables. The dealer was really nice and gave us tips on how to improve our game.

The dealer also didn’t delay and didn’t try to get us to place extra bets.

We really liked netent’s way of delivering live casino blackjack. Especially that players got their own cards, and that there were no more than a hundred people at the same table. Perfect for those looking for the perfect blackjack feeling at home.

We chose to start with the classic roulette and settled on lightning roulette, which is a form of play that moves at lightning speed and also contains special bets with a chance to win more than in regular roulette.

We immediately got the feeling that we were sitting in las vegas and playing. They have set up the webcam so you can see the other roulette tables in the background. The background sound was also picked up. This made the gaming experience more vivid and realistic.