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Do you want to know what casino bonuses are and/or how they work in practice? Or maybe the idea is just to find the best casino bonuses as quickly as possible. Either way, on this page you will find information about casino bonuses and the recycling requirement will be thoroughly reviewed. Twisting the iron wire, with a touch of humor. Online casino bonuses are a great way to get extra entertainment while playing gambling games. With them, you get a bigger bankroll (deposit bonus) and thus more playing time. Excitement and chances to win.

However, not all casino bonuses are good and it is important to understand the rules and conditions of the bonus. Or at least know how to focus your eyes on a few key things that reveal what is truly the best casino bonus. There are various casino bonuses, the most famous of which are deposit bonuses and free spins for slot games. In recent years, cashback has become very popular and this bonus, which used to be only for VIP players, is now available to all players. Even quite easily.

Online casino bonuses offer additional entertainment for you to play. For the online casino itself, it is e.g. A way to reward you for your loyalty and commit you to stay longer on the site (i.e. To play). It is easy to claim a casino bonus, but before that it is good to understand what different casino bonuses exist and how casino bonuses work. In a nutshell, the most common casino bonuses.

Free spins and cash spins

Probably the most popular and well-known casino bonus. Free spins are spins on a predetermined slot game. You can get free spins by depositing from casino offers or you can win them while playing, in which case it is in-game free spins. The free spins are either wager-free or contain a 10-40x wagering requirement. Free spins without wagering are also known as cash spins.

Deposit bonus and reload bonus

With a deposit bonus, you get play money on top of your own deposit. A 100% deposit bonus is a fairly typical welcome bonus. In addition, another 100 free spins can be triggered. Reload bonus is for old players and is practically just another name for a deposit bonus. Reload bonuses are usually available on weekends.

Cashback i.e. Cash return

As the name suggests, the cashback bonus gives money back. In general, you get a cashback for net losses, i.e. For losses lost in slot games, you can get 10% cashback. A good cashback casino bonus is one that is paid in cash (without a wagering requirement). Unfortunately, today we also see that ‘cash refund’ is paid as bonus money, meaning that the money has to be recycled before it can be repatriated. Bonus return is then a more honest name.

Free play money and cash

Online casinos often talk about free play money, but this is misleading in the sense that play money is always bonus money, which means the amount must be rolled over. There is no such thing as free play money, even if you can get that play money without a deposit. Free play money is a rarer bonus. Cash is the opposite of free play money. It’s dry money, i.e. Cash. No recycling requirements. If the online casino gives you cash, you can withdraw the amount immediately to your own bank account. The play money has a wagering requirement and during the wagering the winnings may melt, meaning the risk of losing those winnings. The best bonus for a player is definitely cash, of course it is the worst possible for an online casino.