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Should Kids be Allowed to Gamble Online?

The first reaction of most to the question raised above is a solid “No!” Kids are kids and they should have nothing to do with the dangers of gambling online. Well, reality looks a bit different and one must also consider just what constitutes gambling online for kids. There are plenty of well-accepted kid’s game sites online which could also be seen as the introduction to real online gaming. Any parent should consider this issue and make sure to take the steps needed to keep online gaming in their house safe.

Minimum Age: Most online casinos mention a minimum age for players who want to join and bet with real money. It is common to see 18 as the required age unless the casino turns to their audience where the standard is usually to demand a few more years of life experience from the players. What must be understood is that people who are below the required age can still enjoy games online . They can either play in free formats or simply cheat their way in. This happens and sometimes it has had devastating effects on those involved both family and casino.

Fun Games: There is a gray zone of online gaming that is considered fine for kids and these are the fun games sites. There are plenty of game portals where kids can play games for free. Most of these games are simple video games where the object is to match figures, score goals or shoot targets. The games enter the gray area when they involve guessing and betting. If the game wants the kid to guess on the outcome it is really just a smaller version of the real gamble games that the grownups are enjoying.

Risks and Dangers: Any home with an internet connection and a family computer involves risks with kids gambling online. This is why the question of whether they should be allowed to or not must be raised. It is obviously not enough with age limits to control young people’s gaming online. Even more simple game sites involve the risks and dangers of the kid getting lured into more serious betting. Since it is so easy to leave personal information with a few clicks of the mouse button, even a kid can figure out how to get real money into the picture.

Controlling Gambling: To take control of the computer and internet many install filters on their computers. This is a good start to keeping kids away from unwanted sites. It should be remembered though that the safe-looking sites also might include elements of gambling. Responsible gamblers with kids around them should therefore make efforts to educate the younger ones by setting a good example and by limiting their access to games online. This way the kids will hopefully grow up and be adults that use the online casino with sense. Anyone with a computer and internet connection must ask themselves if kids should be allowed to gamble online and in that case under what conditions


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