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It is not only the number of winning lines that varies between different slots games . It is also the case that two different games can have the same number of paylines, but the positions and patterns of the lines differ. It must be stated in the game’s information how many winning lines a slot game has, as well as what these lines look like. Depending on the game you are playing, you can access this information in different ways.

The paylines don’t just have to consist of straight lines. It can be zigzag shapes, bit of everything possible. However, a payline never reverses. That is, it cannot go from wheel one to wheel two, and then back to wheel one again. Some online casino games, such as the arch-classic starburst, have paylines that run from right to left too!

You can also win on different symbols at the same time, depending on the layout of the game. For example, you might spin sevens and cherries on different paylines – in which case you win with both symbols. This is the basis of all slots games , but then there are additional factors such as wilds, scatters (usually activate bonus games) and jackpots.

There are of course more symbols than these, but listing every single one here would be both pointless and extremely time-consuming! However, you can keep in mind that both wilds and scatters can have varying functions in some games. What we have listed above is the most common.

How do i win?

We covered the paylines earlier. A slot game can have anything from one payline up to several hundred thousand pieces! If you have no idea what a payline is, it can be difficult to understand, so we provide an example below.

In our example, we have a slot game consisting of five reels with three rows on each reel. This game has only a single payline that runs horizontally across the board, through all reels on row two. For example, if you then spin three sevens on reels one, two and three, on the second row of each reel, you have won. However, if the sevens appear on reels one, two and four, you win nothing. Nor if they land on the first three reels, but on different rows.

You activate free spins in slots with the turn. Free spins in slots never have any wagering requirements, but function as bonus rounds.


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