Five Biggest Myths Around Slots

There are countless myths and legends in the field of gambling for every game. Since casinos have a clear advantage over players, it makes sense for many of the players to look for ways to help them win. In slots especially where luck is what determines the outcome, players try to find ways and secrets that will lead them to success. Somehow myths were created around the slots that endured over time and reached our time. There are many who believe that if they play in a particular slot machine for an hour, he is forced to pay.

This concept came into being a long time ago, when the first slots were created and many viewed them as a living organism. For example, if we tie a person to a chair and constantly give him food, it is certain that at some point his body will not be able to withstand and will eliminate everything by vomiting. So, most players thought that if they keep playing on the same machine then, at some point the slot machine will take out all the money it has eaten, giving them huge successes.

How many times have you heard someone in the casino say, i fed it for so long and as soon as i got up the next one was paid. Many, in fact, demand from the player who won a share, since they think that rightfully belongs to them. This is a huge myth as the outcome of each spin on the slot can not be predicted and is independent of the outcome of any previous or next spin or how much money has been played. Many players as soon as they enter a casino or visit an online casino, try to choose a game in which the last jackpot exploded a long time ago.

When a person plays slots he has the ability to press the button himself to start a spin or to select the automatic spin and set how many spins he wants to play continuously, without him making any additional movement. Most players say that spinning by hand offers more chances of success than spinning automatically. This is still a myth around slot machines and if you see any difference in losses per hour. Considering that the day for the new jackpot is approaching and may be the day that will change their lives forever, they choose the specific machines and play on them.

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