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There are actually a number of well-established online casinos that offer really safe and fast withdrawals. It is difficult to calculate exactly the fastest, as the casinos that offer fast payment methods have the same processing time. Take a look at our updated list here in our faster casinos guide to see which sites are the fastest right now. What you need to be able to play at faster casinos with direct withdrawals is an electronic id.

Through your id, you do a bank verification when you become a member and make your deposit. Then when it’s time to make a withdrawal, it’s requested immediately without further verification. Note that the casino has the right to request verification in the event of e.g. Larger withdrawals. The casinos that offer traditional registration and where you offer deposits via card and via bank transfer, there is a big difference when it comes to withdrawal time. At slow casinos, it can take up to a week before you get the money into your account. If we compare with casinos with the fastest withdrawals, it takes between 1 – 15 minutes.

Yes absolutely! As you know, all online casinos are licensed by the gaming authority. Most of these sites actually offer the fast concept. So when you choose a online casino game, you also have good prospects of receiving direct withdrawals.

There is actually not a particular casino that tops the list of fastest withdrawals. You could instead say that the casinos that are fastest are those that offer the best payment methods such as trustly. Casinos with withdrawals are really super fast. No, on the contrary – absolutely not. We never review casinos without a license, but only licensed casinos. It is online casino sites that have the best and fastest withdrawals. In addition to being flexible and fast, you also know 100% that they are safe. You have no guarantees for that at unlicensed casinos.

That a withdrawal via trustly takes longer usually depends on which bank you have. Some banks unfortunately take longer for their transactions. Check with support and your bank.

Right now you will find online casinos in the top list above. All gambling sites that we include in our top list are among the best. Although there are so many, most of them differ from each other in slightly different ways.