Essential Craps Strategy Tips

Having a craps strategy is one of those things that might help you in the online casino , but it might not. When you gamble you’re playing the odds and taking chances. Still, it always helps to have a plan. Here are some craps strategies to help you take home some winnings from the casino. Keep your bets small and double up on the 6 or 8 to increase your chances of winning.

Also keep in mind that while most people take the pass line bet, playing the don’t pass line bet, making smaller bets and being patient can be more effective. One of the best ways to improve your bets is to buy or lay odds. You can buy odds when you play right (or pass) or you can lay odds when you play wrong (don’t pass).

The house doesn’t have an advantage on odds, which increase your chances. You can play these in addition to your first bet. Buying odds, or playing right, means that you’ll get your winnings based on the point. Laying odds means that you’re supplementing a don’t pass bet. Putting down double odds can increase your chances of winning at craps even more.

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