Craps variation

Strangely, Craps has not evolved into as many variations as many other online casino  games have. Still, there is enough different craps variation to provide something for every taste. Below are the most common Craps variations.


This one, also called Bastard Craps, is probably the best known alternative version of the game. It’s a simplified variation that can either be played in a casino or as a private game.  As with the standard game, the person who throws the dice is called the shooter and the first throw is called the come-out throw. In Craps, the natural 11 and Craps (2, 3 or 12), on the come-out throw, are taken as point numbers. Other numbers become the point. If the shooter throws it again before he throws a 7, he wins. In Crapless Craps, the shooter is at a greater disadvantage than in the regular game, with the house having a 5.38 percent edge.  


This is an exciting version in which a first roll of either 2 or 3 is ignored. The shooter then rolls again until he gets another total.  An 11 or 12 are automatic wins. A 4 through 10 becomes the point, and the shooter rolls again, trying to beat that first point total. The house has a 2.35 edge in this craps variation.


As the name suggests, this is a simple-to-follow and simple-to-learn variation. The shooter wins simply by throwing a 2 through 4 or an 11 or 12.  He loses with a roll of 5 through 9. The player’s odds are quite good in this variation, although the house still has a 2.8 percent edge.

MONEY CRAPS (also known as Open Craps)

This version of Craps is a big-money variation. It’s played similarly to Private Craps, but certain bets are made only against the book (the person who takes the bets). The percentage of the bet that the book takes is called the vigorish. You should know that in many places, this is considered an illegal variation, and as such, it’s a game that is scheduled among private parties, who are informed of where the game will take place.


In this version, the House makes no percentage charge on right bets, and Come bets are eliminated from the game.  See craps variation you like? Then head to the table–and let the dice roll!

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