Craps Odds and Payouts

The feeling of playing the game of craps with family and friends is really amazing and one would never ever avoid it. However, when you have to play this game with your competitors, it would involve new feelings which are more than entertainment and fun.  Yes, that’s right. If you have an idea about the various strategies and rules of the crap games, then playing it to earn money is definitely a good option. Now days you can find craps in most of the online casinos , you should know the odds of winning the game along with the payouts.

About payouts

It is very important to have the knowledge about calculation of payouts in craps game. In addition to this, you should also make sure that you have to calculate the payouts differently in each bet. To be more specific, if method A is used in the first bet, you shouldn’t be repeating it in the second bet, instead make use of method B.

About Odds

Similarly, you can also see that each bet comes along a different odd. For instance, Pass line or come bet would offer a payout of about 1:1, and the odds of about 251 to about 244. On the contrary, don’t pas bet or don’t come bet would offer you a payout of 1:1, with odds ranging between 976 and 949. Coming to the buy bets, the odds would be 2 to 1 and the ratio of payout here would also be 2:1, this is for numbers 4 or 10. However, for number 5 or 9, the odds would be 6 to 10 along with the payouts 3:2. Further, to earn good amount of money, you should also know the odds as well as payouts for field bets, lay bets, one roll bets and place bets.

After having all the estimations is your mind, you can proceed with analyzing what is profitable. Moreover, you can take risks in better manner a well to get more output. Bankroll also is based on the odds as well as payouts of the bets and is enjoyed too. For illustration purpose, pass line and come bets are well known for low edge house in craps game with about 1.52 and 1.41 percentage. Therefore, in order to have better earning, select the bests with more payouts. Ultimately, practicing as much as you can would be the best option among all.

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