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Choosing a White Label Casino

Small expenses the first advantage of choosing a white label casino is of course that it is much cheaper. It is not only cheaper in the start-up itself, it will be a much more affordable solution until you build up a large customer base.

Play from the top shelf, when you start a new casino, the number of game developers you can work with is limited. It is both expensive and time-consuming to negotiate a number of contracts. With white label, these are in the box from day one. Your players will be able to enjoy games from a variety of game developers, with some of the most popular games on the market available.

You can launch fast, almost all the work for the start-up has been done up front. This allows you to launch quickly, perhaps already within a couple of months. In comparison, it often takes a minimum of 6 months before you even get an approved license if you start on your own.

Customer service, you get access to the partner’s customer service, and do not need to hire, manage or train new employees to help your players. Less risk, it is not just by reducing the start-up costs that the risk is reduced. You also don’t have to worry about a player running away with a big jackpot. In most contracts, it is stated that large profits are paid out by the partner.

Disadvantages of choosing a white label casino

There are of course some disadvantages to starting up a white label casino. By entering into such a contract, you will be dependent on the parent company, which decides which games, payment systems and other products you have access to. Often this is only positive at the beginning of the collaboration. Later, it may be better to acquire your own systems, collaborate directly with the providers of payment solutions and games, and be responsible for your own customer service.

Although it has its disadvantages, the white label solution will be for you who do not have many millions in capital to start your own casino. It will be a step on the way. Because if you manage to build up a good customer base under such a contract, you will have the potential to do the same when you start from scratch.

In addition to a start-up cost, the provider will of course take a percentage of the income for your company. After all, they are responsible for all the solutions for the casino, apart from the actual operation and marketing. This percentage can vary from 20, and all the way up to 60 percent. It may sound like a lot, but you can always decide to go for another solution when your first casino has become a success and you are making good money.