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Bonus at New Casinos

Of course, you can get a bonus when you play at a new casino that has a gaming license. The new online casino gambling law determined that casino bonuses could not exceed. It was a temporary gambling law that came into effect during the pandemic with the aim of reducing problem gambling. However, this bonus limit has been removed and online casino players can once again take part in higher bonus amounts.

Before we go on to present some newly launched casinos in more detail, we thought we would take a closer look at how the gambling market has changed in recent years. Because the fact is that all new casinos that were launched in 2021 were affected by the new online casino gambling law that came into force in 2019. This is a gambling law that, for example, affected how high casino bonuses could be awarded, but also which functions were offered on the site.

Even for you as a player, the team brings several news – and therefore we will delve into some of the most important points. In this way, you get an overall picture that makes it easier for you to assess different casinos. There are many reasons to take part in a welcome bonus. By activating a bonus, you get a good start on your gambling, and as a rule, a particularly high deposit is not required to be able to take part in a casino bonus. Many new casinos have also dropped the wagering requirement completely, which we think is very positive.

So don’t miss the chance to pick up a completely wager-free casino bonus. In addition, you do not have to pay tax on your winnings when you play at a casino that holds a online gaming license.

Gaming experience at new casinos

There is of course a lot of exciting things happening both in terms of technology and when it comes to the user-friendliness of new casinos. Above all, it is now both easier and safer to play casino online. We take a closer look at a few things that many new casinos focus on when they launch a new casino brand.

Something that we are guaranteed to see in many new casinos in 2023 is the possibility to log in directly with bankid. The trend took off at online casinos in 2019, and more and more new casinos give you as a player the opportunity to log in directly with your e-identification.


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