Blackjack Guide

The history of Blackjack card is still disputed. However many Spanish or French games like Baccarat, Seven-and-a-half are credited to be the origin of today’s online Blackjack. Although in the beginning wasn’t a very popular game by the middle of the 20th century it got “the third best game” title in the States.  And it wasn’t long until Blackjack was on its way to become number one.

Blackjack is a card game with various combinations, which makes this card game very exciting.  You will be playing against the dealer, and your goal is to accumulate up to 21 points, closer than that of the dealer’s points, but never go over 21.

Each player will get two cards, and after dealing you will decide upon taking another card or not. If you have a Blackjack (composed of two cards, an ace and a ten-value card) than you have the strongest combination, unless the dealer has the same. If the value in your hand is higher than the dealer’s you win!

You can play single hand or multi-hand Blackjack. No matter which type you choose the beauty of the game is that you don’t have to count only on luck, but you can develop strategies, based on you gambling or card playing experiences.  Having a good strategy will give you high chances of winning!

The decks of cards used for blackjack can vary from 1 to 15, depending on the online casino you are visiting. Single deck blackjack is hard to find, but it is the simplest to keep track of.

The benefit of the online blackjack is that there is no dealer. You can take notes and with a visible chart of the cards played, you can use some of the blackjack strategies.

Our advice:

Leave when after you won! If you bought in let’s say 200 $ and you have doubled this, take it and stop playing. The longer you stay and play in a casino, the better chance you have to lose money.

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