Betting for Information

This must be one of the most over used and misleading info any new player can say, “I was betting for information” or “I was betting to see where I was.” What these players fail to understand is that there is no such thing as betting for information. You only bet for two reasons:

Value Betting

You are betting on Spade Club because you want a weaker hand to call you. You think you have the best hand so you bet to get a caller. This is because you believe your hand to be superior to your opponent’s range of hands. This is what makes a winning player a winning player. They know when they have the best hand and want to be paid, so they bet for value. The best poker players in the world always know when they have the best hand and have the ability to get just the right amount to bet for value so that their opponents call.

Bluff Betting

You are betting because you want the better hand to call you. This is what is called a bluff. The reason you choose to bluff, is that you know that the only way you can win the hand is to take it away from your opponent. This is because your hand has no showdown value, and the only way you are going to win the pot is by forcing your opponent to fold the better hand. Before you can successfully bluff on Full Tilt Poker, you also need to be able to put your opponent on a specific range. If you put the majority of his range on a hand that he will fold to a bet, then put out a bluff.

Do not bet for information

As mentioned before, there should only be two reasons that you are online casino betting. There is no situation that you can find yourself in where the right move is to bet for information. So do not bet for information. If you are unsure of what your opponent has and you do not really know if you have the better hand or not, you should be checking, which in return will also give you more information depending on what he does after you check. If your hand has showdown value, you can then call if he bets. If your hand has no showdown value and your opponent value bets, and you do not have enough information, you have to fold. At no point should you be leading out to gather information, if you do not have enough information what until you gather more before you put another chip in the middle.

The main thing to remember is do not use betting for Full Tilt information as reason for not having enough information on your opponent and making a bad bet. This is the biggest difference between profitable poker players and amateur poker players. The best players always know where they are before putting a chip in the middle, where amateurs think betting for information is a good way to gather information.

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