Best Live Casinos in Comparison

In the table above you will find the currently best live casinos. We test and compare continuously so that the same providers don’t always make it into the top 10. Are you looking for the best live casino on the internet. Do you want to play easily and conveniently from your mobile phone, but still have fun with real live croupiers and real cards. You don’t always want to play slots or the same type of blackjack, roulette, poker or baccarat, but would like to have different variants to choose from, then you have come to the right place, because on this page there is not only our best live casino table, but also the corresponding explanations.

We explain to you the arguments on the basis of which we describe an online casino as particularly appealing in terms of the live casino area. The most important thing is always the software. It quickly shows whether it is a quality product or not. This not only applies to the slots, but also to live casino games. If you want high-class online casino entertainment, you should generally choose a provider who has excellent game software on offer. However, how do you know how good software is before you have used it yourself.

When we test an online casino, we always take a close look at the manufacturer of the software on which not only the slots but also table games make up. And for the live casino area here the games are not based on software, but take place at real tables, just as realistically as in a land-based arcade. Live streaming technology doesn’t just need cameras – after all, you as a gamer want more than just watch. So it pays to look out for some well-known names of live casino software manufacturers if you want to find the best live casino game.

Which are they we introduce you microgaming is one of the largest online casino gaming groups in the world and probably also the oldest. This company has been driving the online gaming industry. Online casinos were only made possible by the great advances in communication technology the internet slowly opened its gates in the early and the clever minds of microgaming soon began to tinker until the first online casino went live. It’s not easy, but a very strong indication of high quality is the name of the manufacturer. Even so, good software is needed to get the game onto players’ screens.

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