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The best online casino games are not created by themselves, and they are by no means produced by the casino itself. There are a huge number of casino game producers behind casino games, some of which are more famous than others. A few years ago, online casinos only featured games from a few game producers. Most often, these producers were netent and microgaming (now games global), which are both long-established game giants. However, the selection grew exponentially and soon dozens and dozens of game studios began to gain a foothold in the online casino market as well.

Today, an online casino that meets players’ requirements easily offers a selection of thousands of casino games, often backed by dozens if not more than a hundred casino game manufacturers. The answer to the above question is both! The spectrum of online casino games offers different ways to succeed. In some games, success depends entirely on luck, while in other games, success and winnings improve as the player’s skills improve.

If you trust the popularity of the lucky lady, choose slot machines, scratch cards, keno, bingo or lotto as your games. In each of these, the outcome is completely random, and all you have to do is spin, scratch or guess.

If you want an intellectual challenge for money games, choose a card game as your sport. For example, poker and blackjack have their own rules and tricks, by learning which you can become a master. In games that require skill, it’s best to start playing with the slots and move on to more challenging games when things start to go smoothly. For example, in poker, the path starts from video poker to casino poker, live poker and finally to online poker.

If the house edge is still a foreign concept to you, here is a short explanation: whenever you play at an online casino, you are playing against the house, that is, the casino, so to speak. This principle applies especially to table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Every time you win, the casino pays you the winnings, but if you lose again, the casino keeps the amount you played.

Since the online casino incurs costs for organizing games and other services, it collects a small portion of each player’s contribution. This is known as the house edge and it is a small mathematical advantage hidden directly in the game that ensures that the casino does not lose.