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Welcome to the best blackjack guide on the net! We at casino game have a lot of experience with this, 15+ years in fact. So if you’re looking for a place to learn blackjack, you’re in the right place. Here we will tell you about everything you need to know about regular blackjack and online blackjack. We will share the best gaming tips, explain how to play online, and guide you to the blackjack casinos that suit you best. The game begins with you placing your bet on the table, and then you get to choose whether you want to play with one or more hands.

In blackjack you play against a dealer and the online casino game itself is about getting the highest hand without exceeding 21. If you choose to play with multiple hands, you must place a bet for each individual hand. After placing your bets, the dealer begins to deal the cards. The dealer will first hand out a card to you that is visible to everyone, and then one to himself. After that, the dealer will give you another open card and another card for himself, but this card will be face down. After the dealer has dealt the cards, you can choose to draw a new card or stay. You have the chance to draw a new card as long as you do not exceed 21.

When you no longer want more cards, the blackjack dealer will turn over his hidden card. Depending on the card, the dealer will either stop or draw cards until he wins or exceeds 21. Below we will go through the rules of the blackjack game and what the different choices are called that you can make during the game. During the round when you have been dealt your first two cards and think you will win on the next card, you can choose to place an additional bet by doubling. This does as it sounds like you increase the bet by double and if you win, you get a double win.

Note that when you double, you can only draw one extra card and no more. If you sit on cards 5 and 6 with a total value of 11 and decide to double and the card you get is a two, then you are stuck on the value 13. If you have two cards of the same denomination, you can choose to split them. This means that you split your two cards into separate hands and continue playing as two players. If the dealer’s first visible card is an ace and you think he can get a blackjack, you can choose to take out insurance. When you take out insurance, you place a half bet that the dealer will get a blackjack.

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